Robin Saenger has been endorsed or is supported by the following people and/or organizations:


  • Helen Gordon Davis, Florida State Senator and Representative, 1974-1992
    Having served in the Florida House and Senate for many years, I think I am a good judge of astute political leadership.  I've known Robin Saenger for over a decade and I am proud to endorse her for the Tarpon Springs Commission.  Robin has the intelligence, character and commitment necessary to take a stand and make a difference.  Tarpon Springs is fortunate to have a candidate who will take the time to listen, understand and work creatively for a more prosperous Tarpon Springs.
  • Alton J. Gustafson, D.C. Tarpon Springs, Florida

    I have known Robin Saenger both professionally and socially for approximately 15 years. Throughout this time I have known Robin to be an honest and upright person as well as a true friend. Knowing her honesty, integrity, and dedication to principle, I know that whatever public office she is elected to will receive as much attention and hard work that anyone could provide. I hope she is successful in her campaign and she can count on my fullest support. Sincerely, Alton J. Gustafson

  • Christopher M. Still Artist, Tarpon Springs

    I believe Robin Saenger will bring creative insight into Tarpon's future. I trust the sincerity with which she will approach Tarpon's challenges.  She lives and works in Tarpon Springs and I know she understands what makes Tarpon a beautiful place to live, and will work hard to preserve those qualities. In my opinion, she will bring new ideas to the city and make Tarpon a better place to live.