More Updates 

On April 5th, 2011, a new BOC was sworn in, and I left due to term limits. Congratulations and continued success to the newest Tarpon Springs BOC!

It's been nearly 6 years since I was first elected to serve, first as your City Commissioner, and for the past few years as your Vice-Mayor.
I loved working to create effective change within my City. I realize that being an artist is not just a career, it is a lifestyle that can flourish in any realm, including politics!
Some of the changes I have worked hard to accomplish during my time on the BOC include:

* Tree Ordinance which for the first time in Tarpon's history, recognizes the value of our tree canopy, and promotes re-planting of our Urban Forest! Our Tree Bank funds which have accumulated continue to allow us to plant new trees throughout our City. We now have not only a City-wide replanting program, but also a Gift Tree Program and Adopt a Tree Program!

* Public Art Ordinance was passed and the Public Art Committee has completed a Master Plan, There are several projects which will include Public Art, and the developers coming to our City were participating in this program voluntarily when it was still in the works. They realize that Public Art only makes their projects more viable. They recognize that it's a plus to come into a City that embraces the Arts. It makes good sense, fiscally and every other way, too!

* Walkable Community we are the first City in Pinellas County to embrace a MultiModal Transportation system. We encourage alternative means of travel around our city, pedestrian friendly, which enhances our sense of community.

* Trauma Informed Community is a holistic approach to the many challenges a community faces. It addresses the causes of those issues and is not a band-aid approach. The challenges range from bullying to homelessness. Cities are charged with finding solutions, but often, the seeds of these issues were planted many years prior. The City of Tarpon Springs is working toward finding true solutions to the many faces that manifest from unaddressed trauma issues. This is my passion and focus for my final year in office. To see a video presentation about this, by Dr. Andrea Blanch, go to video archives on the City website ( and view the BOC meeting of July 20, 2010.
I am delighted to continue serving as Chair of the TSTICI Steering Committee, and co-chair of the Social Marketing Committee Workgroup.

I served two years on the MPO.
Four years on the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council.
and also four years on the Agency for Bay Management with the TBRPC.
I am on the Education and Outreach Board for the Leepa Rattner Museum of Art
I served 4 years on the Homeless Leadership Network
Member of the Tarpon Alliance for Humanity